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Luanda Railway increases daily train circulation

It is as of this Thursday that the Luanda Railway (CFL) will increase the daily circulation of suburban passenger trains from four to eight daily trips.


After the resumption of activity in June, the company is now preparing to increase the number of trips, expanding the range of passengers' options.

As a result of this increase, the railway company will also change the locomotive circulation schedules, which will start at 06.10 and end at 18:20. It is recalled that previously the circulation was made between 06:30 and 18:00.

According to a note from CFL, quoted by Angop, as of this Thursday, trains will stop again at Gamek station (Grafanil). Until now, trains only made mandatory stops at Textang, Musseques, Estalagem and Baía stations.

In a normal situation, the locomotives would carry out 17 trips daily, carrying at least 6000 people.

With regard to long-distance trains, travel remains suspended as long as the health fence in Luanda is in force. The routes connected the capital to Cuanza Norte and Malange.

The Luanda Railway has a length of 424 kilometers of railway line on the Luanda / Malanje section and 55 on the Dondo-Zenza section (Cuanza Norte), making a total of 479 kilometers.

Circulation was interrupted 60 days due to covid-19, and resumed in June.