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Current from the Congo River may have caused the rupture of submarine cables, affecting communications

The strong current of the Congo River could be at the origin of the rupture of three main submarine cables (WACS, SAT3 and ACE – which connect the west coast of Africa to Europe), whose cut will have affected all international communications between the countries south of the Republic Congo – one of which is Angola – with Europe.

: Getty Images/AFP/T. Karumba (via: DW)
Getty Images/AFP/T. Karumba (via: DW)  

"A simultaneous cut in the three main submarine cables, WACS, SAT3 and ACE, which connect the west coast of Africa to Europe was reported. international communications between the countries south of the Democratic Republic of Congo with Europe", can be read in a statement sent to VerAngola.

According to the note, so far, no further details are known about the "exact location and cause of the cuts, but if the location is confirmed, it will not be the first time that the strong currents of the Congo River have caused ruptures in submarine systems".

The consortia responsible for managing the respective submarine systems are already working "on repairing the cuts and it is expected that communications will be restored by the beginning of September", adds the note.

In the specific case of Angola, only "a slight degradation in the quality of the Internet and communications" will be felt, since Angola Cables continues to ensure "Angolan international communications through an alternative route, made available by its SACS submarine systems and MONET, which connect Luanda to Brazil to the United States".

According to the note, ruptures in this type of cable can be caused by various factors "mostly natural causes, which is why submarine cable networks and international Internet operators have redundancy plans where Internet traffic can be diverted".

"In this case, the SACS cable is an important alternative that Angola makes available to transport traffic while repairs are carried out", the statement also states.

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