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Endiama and workers' union sign an agreement with rules to deal with claims

Endiama's management and the workers' union signed an agreement in which aspects to be taken into account are defined in order to meet demands presented since 2018, namely the salary readjustment.


The agreement was signed by the chairman of the Board of Directors of Endiama, José Ganga Júnior, by the 2nd secretary of the Union Commission of Endiama, Rodrigo Manuel, and the general secretary of the Union of Metallurgical Workers, Extractive Industry, Electricity and Chemicals, Teresa Cassombe.

Speaking to the press, José Ganga Júnior said that the agreement, lasting for three years, was established between the parties, which will make it possible to define the general rules of relationship between them, namely the frequency of meetings and the matters to be dealt with.

"We have been receiving, from time to time, demand sheets, in which people struggle and express their intention to obtain better working conditions and better income, better attention, too", referred the CEO of Endiama.

José Ganga Júnior stressed that the theme of salaries is the main one, stressing that the "salary is never fixed and it is necessary to define how and with what requirements to work in salary corrections".

"And for that we must take into account a whole set of factors, from inflation, the price index, the problems related to exchange rates, and we define this whole set of aspects to be taken into account for the change in wages, as well as the periodicity of how we should also deal with these matters", he stressed.

In the list of claims, continued José Ganga Júnior, the agreement also defines issues related to workers' retirement, medical and drug assistance, housing support and career progression.

According to the company's chairman, a shared private pension fund was set up between the company and its workers, which began to take effect in January of this year, "so that they can have one more supplementary income after leaving working age, in addition to what is mandatory by law [discounts for social security]".

Still to be concluded are the processes related to the management of the workforce, related to an "increasingly more efficient" career progression and the performance evaluation, already in progress.

"What we are doing now - we have hired a group of companies to support us in this - is work related to human resource management programs, which will allow us to have improved performance evaluation systems and from there define who has to raise wages, why, the conditions, the payment of premiums, bonuses. This has to be associated with metrics, goals and behaviors. We are working in this specific direction", he stressed.

In turn, Rodrigo Manuel said that the agreement satisfies, "although [is] pending a situation", specifically the salary adjustment.

Rodrigo Manuel stressed that the claim booklet, with 18 points, was sent in 2018, culminating this Wednesday with the signing of this agreement.

"Of the 18 [points] only one was pending, we are satisfied. The point of asymmetries, which are the adjustments of the salary tables, was left pending. It has been a long time since careers have been changed and we have been fighting year after year so that you look at the salary table and there is a salary adjustment, this is what is missing and that the PCA today, in a good tone, said that it is working on the process and we will wait", he said.


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