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Country will have a national strategy for entrepreneurship over the next five years

A national entrepreneurship strategy will emerge in the country, within a time horizon of five years. The information was provided by João Nkossi, chairman of the Board of Directors (PCA) of the National Institute for Support to Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (INAPEM).


"We will witness the emergence in the next five years of the national entrepreneurship strategy", said the institute's PCA, in statements to Rádio Nacional de Angola (RNA).

There are "many young people" entering the world of entrepreneurship and, according to RNA, one of the institute's obstacles is to be closer to these entrepreneurs. Thus, according to the official, the national entrepreneurship strategy may respond to this challenge, as well as allow the emergence of the entrepreneur's municipal agent.

"We have a lot of young people who are entrepreneurship, but where are these young people? We cannot think that young people are only entrepreneurship in the capitals, no, including in the municipalities, in the communes, we have entrepreneurs", said João Nkossi.

Speaking to RNA, he said that they walked inside, having found "who is actually" undertaking. "We walked in the countryside, in the municipalities and how many times did we stop the car to find out who is actually doing this initiative", he said.

"So what we are predicting and, in due course, the country will debate, is to have an entrepreneurship strategy, which we will call entrepreneurship in the municipalities. But we have to have some scouts, municipal entrepreneurship agents", he added, quoted by RNA.

The official also spoke about other challenges facing INAPEM, including the dynamism of the start-up ecosystem. "We have to identify entrepreneurs from the municipalities, women, young people, those creative entrepreneurs who have there in the municipalities, benefiting from support from the municipalities", he said, adding that the start-up ecosystem must be "dynamised, where the incubators have to pay special attention" that is, "work on the emergence of legislation (...) as with cooperatives, the 22/15 law".

"Why not also the world of start-ups have legislation that effectively defines a set of incentives", he added, quoted by RNA.

Finally, INAPEM's CEO also spoke about the results of the restructured credit support program: "628 projects disbursed out of 1503 projects approved, of which 26.3 billion kwanzas disbursed".

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