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Petition demands CNE purge of “millions of deceased” from electoral rolls

A group of citizens residing in Angola and in the diaspora launched a petition addressed to the National Electoral Commission (CNE), in which it demands the purge of the electoral rolls of “millions of deceased people”, according to the petition.

: Paulo Novais/Lusa
Paulo Novais/Lusa  

The petition, launched last Thursday and which had 138 signatures, according to one of its co-signatories, expresses the "indignation" of its proponents regarding the data entered in the Computer File of Senior Citizens (FICM), stating that they "are not in compliance with the rules that regulate active electoral capacity" under the terms of the Constitution and the electoral law of the country.

According to the text, the national register of voting citizens is "overshadowed by the registration of millions of deceased people", assigns an unidentified number of "two polling stations to a single qualified voter", or stipulates the polling place "thousands of kilometers of residence" of voters, and excludes the right to vote for a number, also unidentified, of voters in the diaspora, who for the first time can vote in elections scheduled for 24 August.

These irregularities, underline the petitioners, constitute arguments that justify the "pre-disposition to challenge the electoral process" before the Constitutional Court, a possible action for which possible legal representatives are already in contact.

The signatories therefore demand that the CNE return to the electoral process "the necessary transparency and to the voting citizens the necessary trust in the institutions" and decide "immediately for the replacement of regulatory norms and subsequent correction of irregularities".

"Non-compliance with what is inscribed in the Constitution" will lead to the "revocation and challenge of the electoral process", announces the text.

The first signatories of the petition are Ulika Gisela P. F. dos Santos, Manuel Fragoso, Laura Macedo, Manuel L. Dias dos Santos and Gabriel Baguet Júnior.

"We put the petition on the air 48 hours ago. Our objective is that the petition can reach the largest number of Angolan citizens, both in Angola and abroad. 138 signatories have already signed. It is our intention to organize press conferences next week meetings in Lisbon and Luanda", Gabriel Baguet Júnior, one of the promoters, told Lusa.

"Our intention is for this petition to reach the President of the European Commission, the Secretary-General of the United Nations and other international bodies, because we defend that it is important that these elections are, in fact, fair, transparent and free", he also announced. the activist.

The petition, according to Baguet Júnior, does not have "any" partisan motivation, it results from "an absolutely free stance, it is an exercise of conscious citizenship".

"Our concern is that the voter registration is fully transparent", says the same source.

The controversy surrounding the deaths with active electoral capacity in the FICM has been dragging on for weeks in Angola, several parties and civil society organizations have already taken a position on the case.

The situation can be confirmed by simply sending a message to a number provided by the CNE, which allows voters, through their identity card number, to know where they will vote on the 24th of August, the date of the general elections.

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