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Isabel dos Santos may become part of the United Patriotic Front, admits Adalberto Costa Júnior

Isabel dos Santos may join the United Patriotic Front. The possibility was put forward by Adalberto Costa Júnior, president of UNITA, who said that if this becomes a reality, the daughter of former President José Eduardo dos Santos will participate only as a businesswoman.


Quoted by VOA, the leader of the "Galo Negro" party, who was speaking during a visit to Benguela, indicated that he is putting in the deck "all those who can contribute."

"It doesn't exclude anyone, neither does she [Isabel dos Santos]," he indicated, quoted by VOA.

However, Adalberto Costa Júnior explained that the political project has its own space dedicated to business and, therefore, if Isabel dos Santos integrates the United Patriotic Front, it will be in the capacity of businesswoman: "Do politics in the Patriotic Front no, even because businessmen have their specific space, but the Angolan is free, if someone wants there are no problems".

The United Patriotic Front project is composed of the opposition parties UNITA, Bloco Democrático and PRA JA Servir Angola.