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Construction of the Advanced Industrial Technology Center advances in two months

Adérito Cusselama, director-general of the National Institute for Industrial Innovation and Technology (INITI), announced Friday that work on the Centre for Advanced Industrial Technology will start in two months. Budgeted at around 34 million dollars, the center will be built in the Special Economic Zone (SEZ) Luanda Bengo.


According to Angop, the project will be built under the South Korean Cooperation Fund for Economic Development. Thus, the financing will be provided by the Export-Import Bank of South Korea.

Aiming to train technicians in the innovation and engineering sector as well as to qualify people linked to the industry sector, it is estimated that the center will train about 2000 technicians per year.

The training aims to help micro, small and medium-sized enterprises to improve the quality of their products. In addition, the responsible also advanced that the project will also reduce the labor shortage.

There needs to be an investment by the technological centers so that there are "more people with capacity, creative minds that can actually find solutions that make" the national economy "work", said Adérito Cusselama.

The director-general of INITI, cited by Angop, argued that there is only development if there is research: "The period of empiricism is over, today it is essential to investigate, develop and innovate so that policies related to investment are not simply investment, but assertive investments based on science, innovation, research.

"The sector has countless challenges, because the pandemic helped us realize that we need to reinvent, because at any moment the environment can change overnight, if there are no creative minds," he added.