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Lending to the angolan real economy grows 10.42 percent in July

Angolan commercial banks granted the real economy loans worth a total of 578.19 billion kwanzas in July 2021, the National Bank of Angola (BNA) announced this Monday.


In a statement, the BNA said that the amount disbursed by commercial banks up to July totalled 326.82 billion kwanzas, representing a rise of 30.83 billion kwanzas, or 10.42 percent against disbursements in June.

A total of 18 new credits to the real sector of the Angolan economy were disbursed last July, under Notice 10/2020 of 3 April, totalling 248 credits granted, "of which 205 with effective disbursements.

The BNA reported that in terms of the types of companies that benefited from credit, in terms of amounts, large companies stood out with 59.17 percent, equivalent to 193.40 billion kwanzas, followed by medium-sized companies with 38.53 percent, equivalent to 125.92 billion kwanzas.

Small and micro companies come next with 1.83 percent (5.98 billion kwanzas) and 0.47 percent (1.53 billion kwanzas), respectively.

According to the central bank, since the entry into force of Notice 10/2020 on April 3 until July 2021, "a total of 9,294 new jobs have been created, with emphasis on medium-sized companies with a weight of about 53 percent of the total, followed by large companies with 42 percent.

The number of banks that have met the minimum limit of 2.50 percent of their net assets, the BNA said, by the end of July 2021, increased from 17 to 18 compared to last June.

These are Atlântico, Caixa Geral de Angola (BCGA), Comercial Huambo (BCH), Comércio e Indústria (BCI), BCS, de Fomento Angola (BFA), Internacional de Créditos (BIC), Standard Bank Angola (SBA), de Negócios Internacional (BNI), BOCLB, Prestígio (BPG), Valor (BVB), Finibanco (FNB), KEVE, de Investimento Rural (BIR), YETU, VTB and Micro Finance (BMF).