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Angola and Namibia strengthen cooperation: countries to be linked by rail

Angola and Namibia will strengthen their cooperation in the transport sector. The two countries, which already have an air link, will be connected by rail transportation.


The agreement was established as part of the policy established by the Southern African Development Community (SADC) to encourage movement among SADC members.

According to the newspaper Expansão, the agreement - published this week in a presidential decree - provides for the two countries to be linked by road transport, which aims to ensure the flow of goods and passenger transport more easily and freely.

Also noteworthy is the strengthening in the railway sector. Angola and Namibia want to help strengthen the railway industry in the SADC sub-region.

According to the same newspaper, for this reinforcement to be possible it is necessary to create railways between the two countries and, to this end, a Joint Rail Transport Committee will be created.

At the air level, the agreement provides for the strengthening of existing agreements between the two countries that allow TAAG flights to that country.