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GPL creates new routes for more than 300 buses operating in the capital

The 325 buses that circulate through the streets of Luanda will now follow new routes. The change, implemented by the Luanda Provincial Government (GPL) this Tuesday, aims to improve the mobility of Luanda citizens, which has undergone significant changes with the appearance of covid-19.


The GPL explains, in a statement quoted by Angop, that it decided to adopt this measure to try to combat the various offences committed by some operators, such as circulation with a capacity above 50 per cent.

The buses in the capital will circulate on Avenida 21 de Janeiro connecting the Academia do Primeiro de Agosto/ENAPP and e-Enad; on Avenida Deolinda Rodrigues the buses will pass through the Schools Square, Catete and Quiçama. The transports will also pass by Avenida Fidel de Castro (Cacuco/Benfica Village) and Estrada da Samba (Lumeji/Mutamba/Benfica Square).

Pedro de Castro Avenue will connect Shoprite do Palanca to Benfica, Cacuaco Road will connect Cacuaco Village to Porto. The buses will have the route Mutamba/Aeroporto/Vila do Gamek, on the Zango road (Zango-5/Centralidade 8000/Vila de Viana), Mercado do São Paulo/Vila do Gamek and Benfica/Ramiros/Cabo Ledo available.

Besides this change, GPL has revealed that it is developing a more effective inspection system, so that it is possible to combat irregularities in transport.

For now, the capital's government has available line 111 of the Integrated Public Security Centre, through the numbers 928 582 424 and 928 518 212, through which denunciations can be made about the non-fulfilment of security and protection rules against covid-19 in public transport.