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Interaction Private Investment Agency to attract new investors

The Agency for Private Investment and Promotion of Exports (AIPEX) considers that despite the negative impact of the covi-19, the agency has “extended its interaction network”, attracting new investors to the country.


"Our actions in time of the pandemic have been positive, we have the negative side of covid-19, which has an impact on people's lives and the recession of economies, but we also have a side of easier contact with our interlocutors" , said the president of AIPEX, António Henriques da Silva.

Speaking to journalists on the sidelines of a seminar on Agreements for the Promotion and Reciprocal Protection of Investments (APPRI), the official said that in this period the institution has been making several video possibilities with potential investors.

And in that video-realization he continued, an interception with investors turns out to be "more direct and objective", so he believes it is "more conclusive from the point of view of attracting new projects with the increase of this direct interaction with investors", he admitted .

According to António Henriques da Silva, AIPEX is the "preferred interlocutor" within the framework of the Single Investment Window, an investment facilitation mechanism that concentrates all the operations inherent to the realization of private investment.

"And in this role, we have to be able to analyze a performance that is placed on us, but also on the part of investors and all stakeholders," he said.

Asked about the attractiveness of the ongoing actions in the country for private investment, or responsible considered as positive, but applicable: "It must also be possible to assess the point at which it is detected and how those that have improved".

AIPEX is a legal person governed by public law, endowed with legal entity, autonomy, financial and property, dedicated to promoting exports, attracting private investment, registering investment proposals, institutional support for the execution of investment projects and internationalization of companies nationals.