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Development programmes directly linked to the GSB from 2021 onwards

The Ministry of Economy and Planning intends to include the eligible projects National Development Plan 2018-2022 in the General State Budget to avoid dispersion of financial resources, was announced this Thursday.

: Secretário de Estado para o Planeamento, Milton Reis
Secretário de Estado para o Planeamento, Milton Reis  

According to the Secretary of State for Planning, Milton Reis, who this Thursday summarized the revised National Development Plan (PDN) 2018-2020, work is currently underway with the bodies of the national budget system to include all eligible projects and activities in the 2021 General State Budget.

Milton Reis mentioned that the budget is currently prepared by functions or lines, in which the bodies of the budget system present their projects and activities, without having a direct connection with the NDP programmes.

"All the activities and tasks that they carry out in 2021 will have to be aligned with an objective, a goal, of the programs that are in PDN 2018-2022 and this will lead us to a greater focus, so that we can really achieve the objectives and goals foreseen in the plan", he said.

The government assured that in this way there will no longer be "dispersion and activities of projects that do not directly contribute to achieving the objectives of the plan".

"This is a more difficult exercise and we should have started already", said Milton Reis, indicating that, however, in the preparation of the 2020 SGB this experience has already been made, which is now being consolidated in the budget for the economic year 2021.