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Cultural association defends social security system for artists

Kizua Gourgel, spokesman for the Angolan Association of Professionals and Promoters of Events and Culture, stressed the need for a social security system in the country for artists. The musician recalled that many of these, especially those at the end of their careers, are helpless and in difficulties.

: Media Rumo
Media Rumo  

The statements were made following the first initiative of the project "Por Angola", which aims to support national artists affected by the challenging economic context caused by the covid-19 pandemic.

Filipe Mukenga was the honoree of the show, entitled "Life and Work of Filipe Mukenga", which included guests such as Sandra Cordeiro, Anabela Aya, Agre Ge, Gilmário Vemba and the Alves brothers.

Cited by VOA, the organization's spokesman said that the project was born out of a discussion about the difficulties that Angolan artists are currently experiencing and it was decided to choose Mukenga to represent all artists who are going through a more difficult period.

However, Gourgel believes that these types of difficulties cannot be solved individually: "We have to create structures so that artists can pay social security and then apply for it when there are issues of disability or retirement," he said. "There may be a fair and functional social security system for artists," he added.

The APPEC spokesman also referred to the need for a "more cohesive, more professional and safer" music market.