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GPL advises cleanup operators to submit weekly status report

The Governor of Luanda, Ana Paula de Carvalho, advised the operators of collection and management of solid waste to present a weekly status report to the Provincial Government of Luanda (GPL). The recommendation was left this Thursday, after Ana Paula de Carvalho met with the cleaning operators.


After the representatives of the operators were heard, the governor "recommended that they start presenting a weekly status report and sending their work plans after they have been validated by the municipal administrations," indicates the LPG, in a statement to which VerAngola had access.

"I want you to change the image of our city, because it is the capital, it is important that you do your part and do it well," said Ana Paula de Carvalho.

According to the note, in the meeting, which took place at the LPG Amphitheater, points such as the "work plan", the "physical execution versus financial execution", "constraints" and "prospects for work improvements" were discussed.

The difficult access to the interior of the areas where they operate was the main constraint presented by the representatives of the cleaning operators, who stressed "that everything is being done to improve this framework.

The representative of the company Envirobac, Horácio Mbakassy, stressed that one of the main problems of the municipality of Belas (where they operate) is related to the amount of garbage on the main roads: "In many places, we collect garbage twice. In the morning with compactors, and at night with dumpers, because there is a lot of solid waste on the public roads. And even after the collection of waste, people come with vans and deposit the garbage in inappropriate places, it's a major constraint for the operator," she said.

The governor also made it known that the LPG "is working on the plan to distribute containers in all municipalities, adding that the services of pruning and deforestation have to be developed," the note adds.