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Luanda government complains of vandalism and intimidation during garbage collection

The Provincial Government of Luanda (GPL) this Wednesday deplored acts of vandalism and intimidation against night-time garbage collection teams and called for exemplary sanctions against the perpetrators of these behaviors.


The GPL underlines, in a statement, that it has been making efforts together with the operators to guarantee the standardization of public cleaning and garbage collection services, having recently observed "behavior of vandalization and destruction of goods".

In recent episodes, which reached the GPL through public denunciations, the companies Elisal, Chay-Chay and Envirobac "saw some of their means vandalized and their night collection teams intimidated by small groups of people", creating insecurity among the workers.

"The destruction and setting fire to deposited waste, the throwing of stones, bottles with fuel and the fire of trucks used in the public cleaning and solid waste collection system are acts of vandalism that, in addition to constituting an Administrative Transgression under the terms it establishes law nº 12/11 of 16 February, law on administrative transgressions, also constitute acts that can be included as legal types of crime and damages", highlights the GPL, which urges residents to denounce these acts.

The GPL also calls on the justice bodies to "diligence and exemplary sanction the agents and promoters of acts of vandalism and property damage, as well as acts that disturb and endanger the regular provision of integrated services of public cleaning and waste management solids".

The problem of solid waste management in the capital became critical from December 2020, when the governor of Luanda announced the suspension of contracts with cleaning and garbage collection companies, due to the inability to settle a debt of 246 billion kwanzas.

Subsequently, the President of the Republic approved an expenditure of 34.89 billion kwanzas, for the acquisition of public cleaning services and solid waste collection.

From the emergency tender opened in the meantime, among the 39 companies that applied, seven were winners, which ensure the cleaning of the nine municipalities of Luanda.

Elisal (Luanda Cleaning Company) is responsible for cleaning the municipalities of Luanda and Cazenga, Er-Sol, for Icolo and Bengo, Sambiente for the municipalities of Quiçama and Viana, Multilimpeza for Cacuaco, Jump Business with Belas, Chay Chay with Kilamba Kiaxi and the Dassala/Envirobac consortium with Talatona.