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Angolan company demands multimillion-dollar compensation from the Portuguese city council

An Angolan company filed a lawsuit against the Póvoa de Varzim City Council, in the Porto district, demanding compensation of 13.2 million euros for the suspension of a real estate project on the land of the Clube Desportivo da Póvoa (CDP).


As informed by the local authority, an alleged promissory contract signed between the CDP and the company PEC - Projectos, Consultoria e Investimento, based in Angola, for the development of a residential project on the club's land, along the coast, is at stake.

The project ended up not being followed up, since the Detailed Plan for this area, called E54, was suspended in 2018 by the municipality, not contemplating the possibility of construction, leading the company to claim compensation from the Administrative and Fiscal Court of Porto .

"This company claims to be the holder of a contract, signed in January 2018, with the Clube Desportivo da Póvoa, which promised to sell its land for construction. compensation for imposition of sacrifices, explained the mayor of Póvoa de Varzim, Aires Pereira.

The mayor considers that the municipality "has good arguments" to oppose the company's demand, but showed "concern about the situation of the CDP and how its assets were sold".

"The contract was not known to the members of the CDP, who were told that it was confidential. In view of this lack of knowledge, I fear that the club and its members are no longer the owners of this property," added Aires Pereira.

The Detail Plan of Zone E54 includes an area of ​​land by the sea, where the equipment of Varzim Sport Clube, Clube Desportivo da Póvoa is built, as well as the local Bullring, owned by the municipality.

Made in 2009, the Detailed Plan contemplated the construction of a real estate, residential and commercial project, on these lands, and the relocation of the sports and leisure facilities existing on the site to Parque da Cidade, should the clubs so decide.

Varzim, which initially showed intention in this change and in the construction of a new stadium, ended up giving up, leading the chamber, in 2018, to consider that it would be necessary to review the process and suspend the Detailed Plan.

CDP, which, in view of Varzim's position, also chose to keep its sports facilities in the current location, agreed, however, with the company PEC, to build a residential building on part of its land.

In June of this year, the club made an amendment to the contract, ceding to the Angolan company all the rights acquired during the Detailed Plan, including a possible compensation, which would be divided into equal parts.

Meanwhile, the Chamber has submitted a new Detailed Plan for the E54 zone, which has now entered into a process of public discussion for 90 days, which includes the conversion of the Plaza de Toros into a multipurpose pavilion, requalification works at the Varzim stadium and the construction of areas of parking lots and a mall.

The municipality says it is available to also support the CDP in the refurbishment of its sports equipment, but does not contemplate the construction of real estate on the site, with the municipality's president reminding that "the right of public planning takes precedence over private law".

"The Detailed Plan is an activity that does not depend on ownership. If there are people who do not want to participate, there are legal instruments for the Plan to be fulfilled. We have always said that if there is no real estate surplus to improve the equipment, the municipality assumes the commitment to support," said Aires Pereira.

The Lusa agency tried, unsuccessfully, to contact the president of the Clube Desportivo da Póvoa (CDP) to get a reaction.