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Police detain three people at the airport with falsified covid-19 tests

Two Angolans and an Indian were detained at Luanda International Airport as they prepared to travel with fake covid-19 tests, police announced.


According to a statement from the Criminal Investigation Service of Luanda (SIC), the arrest took place last Tuesday at the departure terminal for international flights, when the 'check-in' of passengers on flight EK-794 at the service of the company was taking place. Emirates airline, bound for Dubai.

Among the detainees are a 42-year-old single Angolan citizen, merchant, who was accompanied by a child under 10, her son, who has already been handed over to the family, as well as a 24-year-old Angolan, merchant, and an Indian, 27 years old, financial director of a company based in Luanda, where he has lived for over 9 years.

The three are involved in the crimes of falsifying documents and using false documents.

The SIC said that those involved confessed to the crime, stating that they did not undergo testing. The two Angolans handed over 40,000 kwanzas to an already identified man, while the Indian citizen paid 175,000 kwanzas to a third element, obtaining the counterfeit certificates in return.

"After steps were taken, it was found that the tests are not included in the database system of the Ministry of Health Laboratory, confirming that they are falsified tests", continues the SIC.

The accused are in custody and will be presented to a public prosecutor for a first interrogation.