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Gym and more than 200 offices: Members of the National Assembly have a new work building

More than 200 offices, in a five-story building, built in an area of about 36 thousand square meters, with gym, meeting rooms, waiting areas, three stores, among other services. This is the new work building for the deputies of the National Assembly, which was inaugurated this Wednesday.


The infrastructure houses a total of 250 work offices to assist deputies in the performance of their duties.

According to Angop, the building was erected in an area of about 36 thousand square meters. It has five floors, of which two are in the basement, one is first floor and two surround the main building of the National Assembly.

In addition, the new building also has six offices for the future Executive Secretariat of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries, 16 meeting rooms, gym, three stores, waiting areas, among other services.

Leonel Pinto da Cruz, director of the Office of Special Works (GOE), cited by Angop, said that the construction was suspended for about two years, for financial reasons. However, he did not reveal the total cost of the works.

Pedro Agostinho de Neri, secretary-general of the National Assembly, pointed out that with these new facilities the "regimental assumption is concluded, that each deputy must have its own office".

He considered that the biggest challenge now will be the preservation and maintenance of the building.

The deputies recognized that with this building the necessary working conditions are created for each deputy to prepare, in the best way, their work.

"Now what should be demanded from us is more work and much more quality", said Virgílio Fontes Pereira, president of the MPLA parliamentary group, quoted by Angop.

The deputy Liberty Chiaka, president of the Parliamentary Group of UNITA, said they would like "to have heard, from the secretary-general of the AN or the responsible of the GOE, how much the work would have cost", however, they hope that "in a plenary session of the AN" it will be possible to inform officially about the global value of the work.