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BNA recommends entry of Angolan banks into the capital market

The governor of the National Bank of Angola (BNA) this Friday encouraged national banks to enter the capital market, considering that this is also a way to reinforce the transparency of financial institutions.


Speaking at the closing of the XI Banca Forum, organized by the newspaper Expansão, José de Lima Massano encouraged financial institutions "to consider the listing of their shares on the Angola Stock Exchange" in order to strengthen scrutiny and transparency" considering the obligations of provision of timely information to the market in compliance with the calendar requirements established by the exchanges".

In addition, he continued, entry to the regulated capital market can also facilitate the strengthening of the capital structure itself by accessing financing through the issuance of shares to new investors or even existing shareholders or bonds to institutional or private investors".

Other advantages are liquidity for shareholders , facilitating the prohibition of shares and providing a broadening of the investor base , giving greater viability and prestige to institutions and increasing their credibility with suppliers, customers and international banks

"It attracts foreign investment, valorizes savings and orientation towards financial assets in national currency", emphasized Lima Massano.

The head of the BNA added that the institution has been committed to strengthening the strength of its regulatory framework and is implementing the supervisor's analysis and assessment methodology, developed by the European supervisory authority, known by the acronym SREP, which designates a set of procedures which aim to ensure that each financial institution has adequate strategies, processes, capital and liquidity for the risks to which it is or could be exposed.

"The implementation of this methodology significantly changes the prudential supervision approach of national financial institutions and makes the process more structured, consistent, robust, risk-based and forward-looking," said Lima Massano.

The BNA also has an ongoing project to adopt Suptech (abbreviation in English for Supervisory Technoloy) to obtain efficiency gains in prudential supervision processes through real-time monitoring of micro and macro-prudential risks inherent to financial institutions that will be extended to behavioral supervision, Credit Risk Center and for the Deposit Guarantee Fund.