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Angola ready to strengthen relations with the US in the fields of culture, tourism and environment

This Wednesday, Adjany Costa, Minister of Culture, Tourism and Environment, received the audience of the ambassador of the United States of America to Angola, Nina Maria Fite.


According to a statement sent to VerAngola, the meeting's agenda focused on the support that the US Embassy has been providing in the field of culture, tourism and the environment, as well as its current situation.

For the diplomat, and looking at the impact of projects on people's lives, they should continue. However, Nina Fite said that it is important to take advantage of the institution's robustness as well as its priorities.

For the minister, the sector's priorities for the coming years are based on the appreciation of culture itself, taking into account the gap between the old and new generations, striving for what is really national.

In the environmental context, comprehensive strategies are being created to bring nature back to populated centers, the statement adds.

On the table, support and full availability for support to the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Environment was reinforced in the context of the process of conservation of cultural, tourist and environmental heritage and in the dissemination of information on the history of Angola.