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"We accept your apology, you are forgiven". PR apologizes to activists for offensive behavior

"We accept the apology, you are forgiven," was how the President of the Republic, João Lourenço, reacted to the apology of the young activists who had an offensive posture against the institutions and authority of the state.


Through his official Twitter account, the head of state praised the gesture of the young people and revealed that he accepted the apology.

"I praise the gesture of the group of young people, who yesterday publicly apologized for their behavior. May this example, be followed by other young people. We accept the apology, they are forgiven," João Lourenço wrote on his Twitter account.

João Lourenço also considered that "fighting for the fundamental rights of the citizen" is not synonymous with disrespect for "national symbols, the institutions and authority of the State, or vandalizing public property that should serve the community.

"With these behaviors, we only worsen the situation of the people," the President added.

The head of state's reaction comes a day after the group, called the "Revolutionary Movement" had called off a demonstration that was scheduled for this weekend in the capital. The young people also took the opportunity to make a public apology for the excesses registered when the demonstration was called.

At issue is the announcement of a demonstration, in a video posted on social networks, which called on the population to participate in a "big demonstration" on Saturday, in which they intended to demand the "immediate resignation of the crook and dictator João Loureço," alluding to the departure of the Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola (MPLA), in power for 45 years.

"MPLA, out, João Lourenço, out, war is war, resistance until victory," said in the said video one of the promoters of the demonstration, who later announced the cancellation of the event and apologized for the statements.

About the video, the National Police condemned the attitude of the promoters of the demonstration, considering that it is "a veiled attempt to mobilize citizens for attitudes of violence.

In statements to Lusa news agency on Friday, the activist Hitler Samussuku said he does not see himself in this demonstration, whose appeal shows "a clear intention to provoke the authorities, to gain attention and receive money.

Hitler Samussuku stressed that none of the most visible faces among the country's leading activists shared the poster for this demonstration.

"We have a page called Central Angola, where you share all the demonstrations that are called by the revus [a youth movement that was arrested in 2015 by the authorities], but this one we don't share, because we know that these are kids who want to provoke the authorities and draw their attention to receive a quid pro quo and it's not the first time," he said.

Lusa tried to contact one of the organizers of the demonstration, the spokesman for the group, Mutu Muxima, but to no avail.