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Former JURA General Secretary creates new political party

The former youth leader of the largest Angolan opposition party Mfuca Muzemba announced the creation of his political party, called Esperança, whose legalization process was submitted this Thursday to the Constitutional Court of Angola.


In an act of presentation of his political project, Mfuca Muzemba, 39, who this month announced his official withdrawal from the National Union for the Total Independence of Angola (UNITA), due to internal problems, said that the objective is to change the traditional way of doing politics and participate in the next general elections, scheduled for 2022.

"Before all the Angolan people, we took the patriotic decision to present a solution that responds to the yearnings of the collective that is Hope. A party committed to young people, with the elderly, with children, for a sustainable development of the country, a heritage of and for all Angolans," he said.

According to the politician, the perspective of Hope, a center-left party, is to overcome the various challenges that "sicken the Angolan society.

"We emerged to introduce consistent deep changes and end with the traditional way of doing politics in this country", said the politician, assuring that "the time of political monopoly, in which only two parties seek to dominate the political life, is over".

Mfuca Muzemba said that a "determining political force, of competition, capable of creating political alternation" is being born, advocating that "Angola needs to enter a new political paradigm", which is only possible "with a new political generation and with new ideas".

"The people, my generation, have gained an awareness of change, and change firsthand is also built with hope. Esperança is the result of a great work, the merit of a generation that never crossed its arms for a fairer and more developed Angola," he stressed.

In statements to the press, Mfuca Muzemba, who in 2013 was suspended for two years from his post as secretary-general of JURA, the youth arm of UNITA, for suspected corruption and links to the MPLA, the ruling party, again denied the accusations, considering them "fallacies", which tried to "turn truth into a lie."

"And I prove it, the people who are here believe in me, value my path, which started very early, at my 19 years old, I was a great student leader, partisan and I will be a great leader for this nation Angola", he said.

The politician expressed optimism about the legalization of his political project, questioned about a possible lead to his intention, as happened with Abel Chivukukuvu, in the attempt to legalize equally a political project, the PRA-JA Serv Angola.

"I hope we separate things, each case is a case, we don't want to compare ourselves to others and we value their work, but we want to do it differently. We have an excellent team of lawyers, we think that it is not by law, much less by political orientation that one curtails the rights and freedoms of citizens to participate in political and public life. We believe that the Constitutional Court will stop this generation from dreaming," he said.