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Government simplifies public administrative acts to make citizens' lives easier

The Government approved this Thursday several measures to simplify public administration acts and procedures, of which the mandatory birth certificate in the process of issuing an Identity Card stands out.


The information was announced this Thursday by the Minister of State and head of the Civil House of the President of the Republic, Adão de Almeida, when he spoke to the press at the end of the 1st ordinary session of the Interministerial Commission for State Reform (CIRE).

Adão de Almeida said that the measure was approved under the project to simplify public administration procedures, called Simplifica, which aims to introduce a set of changes to the way public administration acts.

According to Adão de Almeida, a survey was conducted among citizens about the quality of public services, whose results pointed out as people's concerns the bureaucracy, slowness, excessive burden of documentation, among others.

"The survey allowed us to identify several perceptions in the most different areas, for example, when we wanted to know from the citizens which documents are the most difficult to handle, the Identity Card appears in the first position," he mentioned.

According to the head of the Civil House of the President of the Republic, citizens also requested the extension of deadlines, the reduction of bureaucracy for certain documents, especially for renewal, where, in many cases, the same or almost the same requirements are still demanded when the first copy is issued.

"The general response about the level, the degree of satisfaction, about the provision of public services tells us in a word that we have much to improve, the general perception of the provision of services of our public administration by citizens shows a recognition of a large bureaucracy, a considerable slowness, situations of poor service by public officials and a great lack of understanding between the different institutions that provide public service when they compete for the same purpose," he pointed out.

Simplifica is a project of continuous improvement, informed Adão de Almeida, with a forecast of biannual updates, bringing more acts and new permanent measures in the framework of improving the provision of public services.

In this initial version, said the leader, 32 main acts were worked on, whose details will be presented later, where it was possible to eliminate 121 unnecessary requirements for the provision of public services.

"It was possible to unify 13 different documents, that is, documents that today are practiced, issued, by different institutions and several documents for the same purpose, it was their unification," said Adão de Almeida, exemplifying the case of the car registration and car title.

According to Adão de Almeida, it was also possible to extend the validity period of about ten documents and licenses, which today have very short periods of validity and force the citizen to go several times to the public administration for renewal purposes.

"With the extension of the deadlines we gained some efficiency, to the extent that we reduced the citizen's demand for the public administration to provide a service repeatedly in a short period of time, as well as it was possible to proceed to the integration of 20 different procedures at the public administration level", he stressed.

The process of issuing passports in its most different types, the issuance of various licenses, including for the exercise of pharmaceutical activity, for the realization of construction works, for the granting of titles of land rights is also facilitated.

The measures are not of immediate application, said Adão de Almeida, highlighting that they "draw a path that makes it possible for the responsible institutions, now with these guidelines, to follow until this goal is reached".

However, there are acts that can be implemented immediately, explained Adão de Almeida, because they don't require a lot of processing, one of them is the elimination of the requirement of the regularized military situation declaration by young men, as a result of the country's historical path, to travel, to apply for a public tender, to get married.