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UNITA demands that the President strengthen working conditions in hospitals

UNITA's parliamentary group demanded from the President of the Republic, João Lourenço, the reinforcement of working conditions in hospitals, which in recent days have entered into “an obvious collapse”.


The position was expressed in a statement, alluding to the "dramatic health situation in Angola", which in recent weeks, in several provinces of the country, especially in Luanda and Benguela, is characterized by the exponential increase in the number of patients affected mainly by malaria. main cause of death for Angolans.

The document also characterizes the state of health in Angola as an enormous influx of patients, exceeding the capacity installed in health units, with long waiting times for patient care and a shortage of beds, leading to the accommodation of two or more patients. in the same bed, with patients on the floor, and the case of pediatric patients is also worrying.

The insufficiency of essential medicines and disposable material in the various health units, particularly in municipal hospitals, with patients being forced to buy medicines in pharmacies located around the hospitals, was also described by the deputies.

The workload of doctors, nurses and other health personnel is also a consequence of the high rate of diseases that affect the population, which has led to "high mortality in several hospitals, affecting mainly children, generally affected by a serious incidence of malnutrition ", refer.

"This whole situation comes from factors well known to all of us Angolans, namely: the poor sanitation of the environment that led to the accumulation of garbage in Luanda and other locations, the persistence of ponds that allow the development of mosquito larvae", reads on the note.

Another factor pointed out resides in the "deficient supply of medicines and expendable material in health units, particularly in health centers and municipal hospitals, causing the high influx of patients to secondary and tertiary hospitals, due to the impossibility of a response from first-line hospitals" .

Given the "serious health situation in the country", the statement adds, the National Union for the Total Independence of Angola (UNITA) recognizes the enormous effort being made by doctors, nurses and other health personnel, tending to to reduce the harmful effects caused by this situation.

On the other hand, it recommends that health authorities listen to the advice of health professionals, represented in organizations, namely the Union of Doctors and the Order of Nurses, who, concerned with the current situation, have long made public their concern, showing the main bottlenecks in the system and proposing ways of solving existing problems.

They also demand from the President of the Republic the increase of funds for the health services in order to allow them to face more effectively the situation "which is putting at risk the lives of too many citizens".

"Given the evident collapse of the entire health system in our country, it calls for the concerted effort of all to urgently demand that the executive call a national conference for the profound reform of the entire health system in our country" , stresses the UNITA parliamentary group.

According to the Angolan health authorities, in recent days thousands of people have been flocking to hospitals due to febrile syndromes associated with malaria, dengue and chikungunya, without doctors and nurses being able to deal with the daily average of 2000 cases.