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João Lourenço wants radical change in the defense and security organs

The President of the Republic directed the new Minister of State and Head of the Security House of the President of the Republic, Francisco Pereira Furtado, to radically change the defense and security organs.


The guidance of President João Lourenço was given this Tuesday at the inauguration ceremony of the recently appointed entities.

"I would like to hope that you have a lot of courage, above all, a desire not only to work, but above all, a desire to radically change the state of affairs, not only in the Armed Forces, but in all defense and security bodies," said João Lourenço, in statement to which VerAngola had access.

The President of the Republic also asked Francisco Furtado for a strict control of the effectiveness of the agents of the defense and security organs, from the stop at the barracks.

"As in the barracks, at the parade, when you call for the soldier and answer 'gift', one of your missions is to call on the staff so that everyone responds 'gift'. Because all those who receive salaries from the State must necessarily answer 'gift' '. If that does not happen, we must immediately conclude that we are facing an actual ghost ".

Francisco Furtado received authorization to clear all ghosts from the defense and security organs, taking into account the latest events that marked the country.

"One of the tasks will, of course, be to clean up all the effective ghosts in the defense and security organs, because the latest events in Luanda, come to demonstrate that, with public money, we are fattening the crab. Therefore, one of its missions is to stop as soon as possible ", he advised.

João Lourenço also asked for the collaboration of the whole society, in particular the banks, for the prevention of this type of crime.

"It is evident that the whole society has to collaborate. And I would also like to highlight the need to pay particular attention to banks, because all of this goes through Banking and there are behaviors and procedures of Banking that are not normal. We need to change immediately", he recommended .

On the part of the Central Bank and the Financial Information Unit, the President of the Republic said that he expected stronger and more forceful action, not only to punish, but above all to set up a mechanism that guarantees the prevention of crime and that makes it difficult to continue the practices. that the country watches.

The new Minister of State and Head of the Security House of the President of the Republic, Francisco Furtado, guaranteed to be prepared to exercise with rigor, discipline, organization and competence the challenges that were presented to him.

"It is a great responsibility that I have ahead of me. The President guided exactly what I must do regarding the adequacy of the structure of the Security House itself and the thorough work of physical registration of all the personnel of the national security and defense bodies, in order to that we can give dignity to these bodies that serve the country and that must be adapted to reality ", said the general.

Francisco Furtado said that the work will start immediately so that the results are visible, given his experience in the area. Despite this, he wants to count on collaborators from different defense and security bodies to carry out work with the depth and dimension that is intended.

The President of the Republic also took over from João Pereira Massano, who was appointed head of the Military Intelligence and Security Service, who was also instructed to work on the control of personnel.

The ambassador of Angola accredited to the Russian Federation, Augusto da Silva Cunha, and the vice-governors of Malange and Cabinda, Angelino Quissonde and Paulo Luvambano, were also sworn in.