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Opposition condemns “scandal” in the Presidency. MPLA defends fight against corruption

Opposition political parties condemned this Tuesday the "financial scandal" involving officials linked to the Presidency of the Republic, calling for "exemplary accountability" of those involved, while the MPLA guarantees that "the fight against corruption will continue, it hurts those who hurt".


"We are facing a very serious situation, a situation that will affect Angola's reputation from an economic and financial point of view, because it is not permissible for large financial sums to remain outside the financial system," said CASA-CE president Manuel Fernandes , in declarations to Lusa.

For the leader of the Wide Convergence of Salvation of Angola - Electoral Coalition (CASA-CE), in opposition, the large monetary sums found in the possession of Major Pedro Lussati reveal "a certain economic mafia".

"And it discredits (the country), in a way, in relation to potential investors, thus conferring the status of Angola on a country that is not serious, it is serious", he underlined.

The Attorney General's Office (PGR) announced last week the detention of Major Pedro Lussaty, linked to the Security House of the President of the Republic, found in possession of millions of dollars, kwanzas and euros.

Various movable and immovable property of the military officer indicted for the crimes of embezzlement, money retention and criminal association were also seized.

More than 10 general officers, including the Minister of State and Chief of the President's House of Security, were dismissed by João Lourenço following this case, the process of which is still under investigation in the PGR.

Manuel Fernandes applauds the exonerations, but asks for accountability of those involved, which he classifies as "authentic anti-patriots", considering that he is facing a "shaky situation, with the aggravation of being an agent who is linked to the epicenter of power".

From the point of view of the image of Angola, of the mobilization of investments, he stressed, "this situation comes to tarnish the good name of Angola and helps to inhibit potential investments for Angola".

"I don't know if the exonerations are enough as such, people should be held responsible, because everything indicates that it is a network and everyone who encourages this type of exercise should be held responsible because they are authentic anti-patriots", he defended.

The deputy of CASA-CE also regretted the current "social degradation of families, the high level of poverty in the country and the weakness of the health system", while "there are people playing with large sums of money that concern all Angolans. ".

The president of the National Front for the Liberation of Angola (FNLA), Lucas Ngonda, praises that these facts are made public at this stage, contrary to the consulate of former President José Eduardo dos Santos, considering that João Lourenço "is a man of great courage ".

"Because everything is happening in your own home, now, in the Presidency of the Republic is where you are discovering that a major who does not have a famous salary appears with millions. That is even a little shame", he stressed, in statements to the Lusa.

For the FNLA deputy, in the opposition, these practices translate into "crimes that must be sanctioned in an exemplary way", he shot.

"Yes, some people have been exonerated, but exonerating is not enough, it is necessary that justice works in an exemplary way so that this marks the period that we are living in and that things do not happen again", he concluded.

The fight against corruption, impunity and nepotism are the main lines of government of the President, João Lourenço, who has been in power for almost four years.

In a note sent to Lusa, in response to a request to comment on the incidences of this case and the consequent exonerations, the Secretary for Information of the MPLA political bureau, Rui Falcão, referred that the "fight against corruption continues at all levels" .

According to the politician of the Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola, "it is only possible to make public these and other facts, because the fight against corruption is effective and serious".

"Were it not for that, these cases would never be known", wrote Rui Falcão, noting that "correcting what is wrong is not a path of facilities".

The MPLA deputy also mentioned that, in making the decisions that were taken, his party "knew the consequences therefrom", stating that "between maintaining the status quo" or acting "your party" will continue to act until they fall corruption rates in the country ".

"What I can assure you is that we will remain firm in the construction of a better Angola, it hurts whoever hurts", concluded Rui Falcão, in the note sent to Lusa.