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Executive invests 50 million dollars in zoo-technical station

About 50 million dollars is the amount that the government invested this year in the creation of a zoo-technical station. According to the Minister of Agriculture, António de Assis, the infrastructure aims to ensure the health of livestock in the Camabatela plateau, in the province of Kwanza Norte.


As part of the investment, it is estimated that technical support offices, laboratories, confinement units and a community center for cattle sales will be created.

The access roads to the farms will also be rehabilitated, and the implementation of the project also foresees the construction of five posts for confinement, control and vaccination of animals, Angop reported.

Aiming at providing support to the producers of that area, the investment will also cover an initiative for the distribution of cattle heads to families chosen for family production.

Speaking during a visit to the province, the Agriculture Minister explained that this initiative is integrated in the Agrarian Development Fund (FADA).

Cited by Angop, António Assis clarified that those who benefit from this initiative will not be able to slaughter the cattle for five years, in order to ensure reproduction.

The Camabatela plateau includes the provinces of Kwanza Norte, Uige and Malanje.