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Taxis will be able to circulate after 6 pm “without any restrictions”

According to the commander of the Luanda Transit Unit, the taxi service - hitherto limited in view of the impositions of the state of emergency - can now take place after 6 pm without any restrictions.


"Presidential Decree 142/20, on the state of public calamity, allows taxis to circulate above 6 pm because it does not establish restrictions," explained Superintendent Manuel Albano to Novo Jornal. The official added that, in this way, "taxis can work at any time they want, as long as they meet the criteria that the Drectro determines about public camality".

The also commander of the Luanda Traffic Unit, stressed that the National Police agents are on the ground in order to ensure that all hygiene and safety measures are complied with in this return to normality.

The inspection will focus on compliance not only with the Decree but also with the highway code. Remember that the taxi capacity is limited to a maximum of 50 percent, and the use of a mask is mandatory. "If they think they can exceed or fail to comply, they will be held responsible by law," warned the superintendent.

This increase in the number of hours of circulation of these transport vehicles was noticed possible in a meeting between the traffic unit and the leaders of the taxi drivers associations in Luanda, and the question was clarified.

Francisco Paciente, president of the New Alliance of Taxi Drivers of Angola (ANATA) was satisfied with this conclusion, arguing that the measure is the most correct. "The increase in working hours will allow for some improvement in profits and a good working environment with the bosses, since many demanded values ​​that were not possible to achieve", he said, quoted by the same publication.

The official recalled that limiting hours until 6 pm also prevented some workers from returning home, who were unable to take a taxi.