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Longuka: the 'made in Angola' platform that teaches online through free courses

The covid-19 pandemic has brought several changes to the reality we were used to. One of them was the way of teaching: the school started to use technology to teach and thus reduce the impact of the lack of face-to-face lessons. In order to help in this field, Tchiowa Hub, a company based in Cabinda, decided to launch a digital platform to help teachers and students.


The platform, called Longuka, was launched last Monday, June 15. According to a Tchiowa Hub Facebook post, this platform "focuses on using technology to enhance learning".

Longuka has several online courses, which are completely free.

There are several categories that this platform has. In a first phase, courses are available on digital marketing, sales, software engineering, computer networking and entrepreneurship and innovation.

However, the goal is to start exploring other areas of learning. According to Longuka's founders, cited by Menos Fios, it is estimated that by the end of the year the platform will have more than 15 courses available.

Access is simple and fast: those interested in attending these online courses only have to register on the site, choose the course they want and then register. After registration, the student will have access to classes and study materials.