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Africa's death toll rises to 4493 in over 157,000 covid-19 cases

The death toll in Africa due to covid-19 soared this Wednesday to 4493, plus 149 in more than 157,000 cases in 54 countries, according to the latest pandemic data on the continent.


According to the African Union's Center for Disease Control and Prevention (Africa CDC), the death toll rose from 4344 to 4493 (+149), while the number of infected people rose from 152,442 to 157,322 (+4880).

The same data indicates that the recovery of 67,007 patients was recorded, 3346 more than the previous day.

The region of the continent most affected by the new coronavirus remains North Africa, which has passed the two thousand deaths (2008), in 46,943 cases.

Southern Africa is the second region with the most cases (38,217) and with 780 deaths, the majority concentrated in South Africa, the country with the highest number of cases on the continent (35,812) and the second with the most deaths (755).

West Africa has 751 deaths and 36,784 infections, in East Africa there are 547 fatalities and 18,353 cases, while in Central Africa there are 407 deaths in 17,025 cases.

Egypt is the country with the most deaths (1052) and has 27,536 infections, followed by South Africa and then Algeria, with 667 fatalities and 9626 infected.

Morocco has a total of 205 fatalities and 7,859 cases, Nigeria reports 314 deaths and 10,819 infected, while Ghana has 38 deaths and 8,297 cases.

Among the Portuguese-speaking African countries, Guinea-Bissau is the one with the most infections, with 1339 cases, registering eight deaths.

São Tomé and Príncipe accounts for 484 cases and 12 deaths and Cape Verde has 466 infections and five deaths.

Mozambique counts 307 infected patients and two dead and Angola has 86 confirmed cases of covid-19 and four dead.

Equatorial Guinea, which is part of the Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries (CPLP), has maintained 1306 cases and 12 deaths for several days, according to Africa CDC.

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