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Home delivery: butchers, fishmongers and fruit shops worth visiting

If this quarantine made you discover that after all it is not bad in the kitchen, you are not alone. Fortunately, the market has followed the culinary evolution and there are several butchers, fishmongers, fruit shops and more that now bet on home delivery service.


In Luanda, there was always the problem of having to visit several supermarkets in order to find the vegetable, fruit or cut of meat that is needed for a particular dish. The State of Emergency (now Calamidade) is not very friendly with this type of displacement.

Thus, being able to plan ahead and receive the products at home is a very welcome development. It saves time and will continue to be useful even when things return to "normal".

We share here some of these services that we most appreciate.

Butcher's Torus on Fire

A restaurant that delivers home products from its own supplier? Great! For meat lovers, the concept of Toro na Brasa, a new restaurant at Talatona Shopping, is quite interesting: they deliver selected meat to the home - the same one they serve at the restaurant. Options include barbecue kits for one, two or four people; cuts include maminha, rump heart, tomahawk, t-bone, entrecote, corém, loin, lamb chops, and pork secrets, among others.

Le Chalet

Le Chalet is one of our preferred suppliers for vegetables, fruits, sausages and dairy products (butter, cheese, yogurt, cream ...) produced here in Angola, more specifically in the province of Huíla. Every week they send an email with the available products; our last order included butter, caxinde, coriander, rosemary, thyme, parsley, spinach and carrots. The service is professional and efficient.

King of Pigs

This is one of the best pork suppliers on the market, and has always been a home delivery service. That is, they have been used to it for a long time. The cuts include cheek, loin, ribs, streaky, ear, cutlet, neck, ham, and more. They work from Monday to Friday and Saturday and dedicate the day to deliver only to Kilamba. The best part: the pig is all produced at Fazenda Auria Machado, in Huambo province. It's national.

Fine Cut

It started as a national butcher with home delivery but has now evolved into e-commerce and has an online store where it sells various products in addition to meat, including seafood, hygiene and cleaning products, drinks, and ... diapers. It also has a small online grocery store for basic food products. Prices are competitive and the website is updated frequently. It is worth a look.

Couple's Ark

Arca do Casal is a seafood supplier at home; they started with crab boxes but now they also sell cuttlefish, lobster, mussels, squid, and more. The products depend on the availability of the market. Their service has earned praise from customers, as in addition to deliveries they also share recipes and tips on the best way to treat seafood.

Cabo Ledo Lobster

The name says lobster, but this group also sells various seafood and fish - it depends on the "wonderful fishing" of the day, as they call it. The product is of guaranteed quality, 100 percent local, and fishing is conscious and sustainable. Small shrimp, prawns, octopus, cuttlefish, grouper, and cachucho are some of the products recently sold.

The Pantry

Fruits, vegetables, pulp and dairy products are the main products of Despensa, which works exclusively with Novagrolíder and its brands Da Horta and VIDA. All production is national. They have always worked with home delivery, but due to the pandemic, deliveries are made within 72 hours (three business days) after order confirmation. They have an online store.

Fruit and Natural Juice Corner

With stores in Morro Bento, Shopping Kibabo do Palanca, Camama (Vila Florescer), and in Tchioco do Lubango, this fruit shop is one of our favorites in the country. Always fresh vegetables and fruits, very good looking fruit, natural juices and delicious smoothies are the order of the day.

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