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Parliament discusses revision of the penal code

This Tuesday, deputies began discussing, in particular, the proposed law that amends the law that approves the Angolan Penal Code. At the time, the maximum prison sentence for crimes of sexual abuse of minors was unanimously defended by the deputies, who considered the initial proposal "lenient".


"The deputies unanimously defended a maximum prison sentence for crimes of sexual abuse against minors, considering lenient the initial proposal to impose a prison sentence of six months to three years on anyone who, being an adult, performs a sexual act with a minor for payment or other consideration", reads a statement from parliament, to which VerAngola had access.

In addition, the document also provides for "the sentencing to a prison sentence of six months to three years or a fine of 60 to 360 days to anyone who for profit promotes or in any other way provides assistance to a foreign citizen to illegally enter the territory national", as well as providing for the criminalization of "whoever offers or accepts a material or non-material advantage to carry out an act or omission inherent to the duties of the position or function, with a prison sentence of 6 months to 2 years or a fine of 60 to 240 days", among others.

According to the statement, the assessment of article 197, relating to crimes involving the prostitution of minors, was suspended as incompatibilities were found, meaning that its discussion should be "resumed on a date to be announced".

It should be noted that the document under discussion in parliament, where Marcy Lopes, Minister of Justice and Human Rights, is present, introduces "a specific body of amendments to several articles" of the country's Penal Code, which was approved by Law no. 38/20, of 11 November, aiming to correct the "insufficiencies, mistakes, inaccuracies or omissions identified in this short period of validity", as well as the "compliance and adequacy of the penalization panorama of certain crimes in light of the concept of 'Underlying Crimes'".

Furthermore, it also intends to ensure the "compliance with the national legal framework" in relation to the "findings of the Mutual Assessment Process of Conformity and Effectiveness of the National System for the Prevention and Suppression of Money Laundering, Financing of Terrorism and the Proliferation of Weapons of Destruction in Mass, to which the country was internationally subjected", ends the note.


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