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‘Palanca’ French Fries launched on the Cape Verdean market

The national fries ‘Palanca’ arrived in Cape Verde. The 'made in Angola' product, whose production is the responsibility of the company Tegma-Su, was recently introduced to the Cape Verdean market.


On the occasion, Fernando Pinto, from the Cidade da Praia City Council, welcomed the group, stressing that they are "completely open" to welcome them.

"We, as Municipality of Praia, welcome and are fully open to welcome the group, receive the group and even start partnerships in order to see not only in this domain either the production and distribution of the product they already have, but but also challenge for other areas", said the official, in statements to the Public Television of Angola (TPA).

Regarding the product itself, Fernando Pinto praised the quality. "The salt is barely felt and that's healthy, in addition to the different flavors that are very close to natural. Here we have to congratulate you on the employability, on the opportunity and above all on the vision that those in charge, the directors, the leaders of this group had towards coming to Cape Verde and in this specific case particularly to Cidade da Praia", he said, quoted by TPA.

In turn, Josina Correia, from the Cape Verde Chamber of Commerce, said that "within the internationalization strategy of the Tegma group, namely the challenge that has already been launched to its PCA in the sense of being able to bring the Tegma group to Cape Verde and participate at the international fair that takes place every year in November".

Regarding the challenge launched by the Cape Verdean chamber, the chairman of the Board of Directors (PCA) of Tegma, António Duarte Gomes, said that they are available to travel to Cape Verde in November and thus mark their presence at the fair.

"The initiative of the Cape Verde Chamber of Commerce was very positive, we received it with great receptivity, we are ready to be here in November and participate in the fair invited by the Chamber of Commerce, we will do our best, we will show our products", said António Duarte Gomes, in statements to TPA.

It should be noted that the brand has a variety of flavors, including traditional, cheese, garlic, mango, sweet potato fries, among others.

At the presentation ceremony, one of those present said she liked what she tasted: "I tasted the potato, I liked it a lot, I have the mango flavor here, it is very different from what we have here (...). I liked it, I just liked it", she said, in statements to TPA.

The act also featured a musical performance by Grace Évora, who said it was "a great pleasure, a great pride to receive an Angolan company here in Cape Verde", according to TPA.

Remember that last year, the national brand had already traveled across borders and arrived in Europe through Portugal.


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