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Angolan delegation in São Tomé to prepare for the summit and transition of the CPLP presidency

An Angolan delegation started a mission to São Tomé today to prepare for the transfer of the presidency of the Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries (CPLP) to São Tomé and Príncipe, at the summit on 27 August, in the São Tomé capital.


"Of course, within our possibilities, we will cooperate with the Government of São Tomé. It is cooperation and we are willing to work with São Tomé so that this summit is held on the date it was established and we comply with the schedule of what is the program CPLP", said the Secretary of State for International Cooperation and Angolan Communities, Domingos Vieira Lopes.

The Angolan Secretary of State heads his country's delegation that met with the Sao Tome minister of Foreign Affairs and Communities, Alberto Pereira, to prepare the transition of the CPLP presidency that will pass to Sao Tome and Principe from August.

"We have to talk, see what we have done, what remains to be done. We have to convey to São Tomé what our presidency was like in advance. The Republic of São Tomé will assume the presidency and we are also talking about the preparatory acts for the realization of this summit", underlined the Secretary of State.

The CPLP summit was scheduled for the 8th of August, but recently the Prime Minister of Sao Tome, Patrice Trovoada, said it would be on the 27th of August.

Domingos Vieira Lopes said that the ambassadors of both countries to the CPLP "have already started working" on the organization of the summit and that the mission is in São Tomé "to see practical work issues" with the "friends and brothers of São Tomé and Prince".

"Preparation is proceeding as normal, at country level we have already set up several working committees and these committees have already started their work", explained the São Tomé minister for Foreign Affairs, Alberto Pereira.

On the other hand, when asked about the Angolan community in São Tomé, Secretary of State Domingos Vieira Lopes said that the Angolan embassy "has been monitoring the community" and "everything is running as normal".

"We have already evolved in the sense of starting to process more quickly some documentation that people who are in the diaspora need and we have not had complicated observations regarding our community here in São Tomé, so everything is running as normal", said Domingos Vieira Lopes.

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