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Cagongo will have a banana processing and transformation factory later this year

The production and processing of bananas in the municipality of Cacongo (Cabinda province) will gain a new dynamic, with the implementation of a manufacturing unit for processing and transforming this fruit.


According to a note from the municipal administration of Cacongo, which VerAngola had access to, the said municipality will have the factory later this year.

"The municipality of Cacongo will, this year, gain a banana processing and transformation factory", reads the statement.

The municipal administrator, Armando do Carmo, informed – when talking about where the work is taking place, in the locality of Mbondo – that the contract "is at a good pace, whose objective is to boost the economy" of the municipality.

Cited in the statement, the person in charge explained that the manager of the factory unit will establish "contact with all villages in the municipality", with a view to capturing this fruit with the purpose of "quantifying, analyzing the weight" and paying the producers.

"The manager of this factory will make contact with all the villages in the municipality to capture all the bananas in order to quantify, analyze the weight, pay the producer and take it, since the objective is to motivate people to produce more", he said.

In addition, the administrator assured that at this time "the priority is" the "improvement of communication routes to facilitate the flow of the product to the location of processing and transformation".

According to Angop, local authorities have been advocating, when observing the increase in banana production in the municipality of Cacongo, the creation of conditions to transform and enjoy the derivatives of this fruit, which would also serve to be exported, in the scope of the Government's strategies.

The municipality of Cacongo, according to Angop, is the largest producer of varieties of this fruit, with emphasis on banana bread which is exported every day to the Republic of Congo, also reaching Libreville - in Gabon - and markets in the central region from the mainland. It should also be noted that every day more than 20 tonnes of bananas travel across the border, across the land border at Massabi, again with emphasis on banana bread bound for the Republic of Congo.

In percentage terms with regard to banana production, Cacongo leads the list of municipalities in the province: this municipality is responsible for 80 percent of the production of this fruit, while Buco-Zau and Belize generate only 20 percent, according to Angop.


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