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Cabinda exports about 20 tons per day of angolan bananas to Congo

Cabinda exports, per day, about 20 tons of banana bread to Congo. The information was provided by the regional director of the First Region (which includes the provinces of Cabinda and Zaire) of the General Tax Administration (AGT), Ricardo Aguiar.


The official made it known that bread banana and other fruits lead the list of the main products that are frequently exported to Congo, through the land border of Massabi, in Cabinda, with Ponta-Negra, in Congo.

According to Angop, to meet this demand, local producers and farmers have had to increase their production capacity.

Ricardo Aguiar, who did not reveal the amount of money saved in the last months with exports, highlighted the value of production and the quality of the banana 'made in Angola'.

He stressed that the increase in the exportation of this product is proof that there is an attraction on the part of the Congolese market to acquire this food.

The responsible, cited by Angop, stressed that it is necessary to create conditions to transform and use the banana derivatives. After being transformed, the derivatives can also be exported, he said.

About 80 percent of the national banana bread is produced in the municipality of Cacongo. The municipalities of Buco-Zau and Belize produce the remaining 20 percent.