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Prohibits the entry of non-resident foreigners from Brazil and India

The Government decided to temporarily prohibit the entry into the country of non-resident foreigners from Brazil and India, determining "mandatory institutional quarantine" for nationals and foreign residents from both countries, due to the covid-19.


The measure, contained in the new presidential decree on the situation of public calamity in the country, was presented this Saturday, in a press conference, by the Minister of State and Chief of Staff of the President, Adão de Almeida.

According to the legal diploma, which comes into force as of this Monday and extends until 8 June, the temporary ban is also applicable to anyone who has transit through either country.
"The institutional quarantine is subject to reimbursement", reads the document.

The reinforcement of the measures is due to the "accelerated increase in positive cases, an increase in deaths from covid-19 and the registration of new variants" in the country, namely the South African and the English, explain the authorities.

The "high level of contagion of the new variants and the respective high lethality" are other reasons for the reinforcement of the measures.

All 18 provinces have already reported positive cases of covid-19, but Luanda is the only province that registers community circulation of English and South African strains, the authorities announced.