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MPLA urges Angolans to imbue themselves with the spirit of reconciliation and forgiveness

The Political Bureau of the MPLA urged this Thursday Angolans to imbue themselves with the spirit of reconciliation and forgiveness for others, after the forgiveness presented by the Government for the country's political conflicts.


In a note distributed to the press, the secretariat of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola (MPLA) welcomed the speech, Wednesday, by President João Lourenço, assuming "a true posture of statesman", for the events that " mourned the country on May 27, 1977 ".

"The secretariat of the Political Bureau appreciated the public apology and forgiveness on the part of the head of state with great satisfaction, reflecting the sincere regret and willingness to end the anguish that, over more than 44 years, many Angolan families carry with them" , the statement said.

In the document, the party recognizes that the construction of a reconciled nation "needs genuine gestures, not only those loaded with symbolism, but also acts such as the one started today, May 27, 2021, with the delivery of the first death certificates to the relatives of the victims of the May 27, 1977 conflict ".

The party recalls that the reconciliation action between Angolans is a response to an electoral commitment made by the then candidate for President of the Republic.

"After his choice by the Angolan people, Comrade President João Lourenço created, by presidential order of 16 May 2019, the Commission for Reconciliation in Memory of Victims of Political Conflicts since our national independence and which has been working in an environment in harmony with representatives of political parties with parliamentary seats, with members of civil society organizations and family members of the victims ", reads the statement.

The secretariat of the Political Bureau was also pleased that the head of state had made a public apology and comprehensive forgiveness, including by citizens killed at the Jamba campfires, passengers on the Zenza do Itombe train, martyrs in the cities of Cuíto , Bié province, and Huambo, "a gesture that leads to genuine reconciliation between Angolans, regardless of party colors".

"In support of comrade President João Lourenço's speech, the Secretariat of the Political Bureau calls on all MPLA militants, sympathizers and friends to imbue themselves with this spirit of reconciliation and forgiveness to others, in order to consecrate all our knowledge and energies in favor of economic and social development, prosperity and well-being of all Angolans ", stresses the note.

The Angolan Government handed over this Thursday the first three death certificates to family members of victims of the political conflict between 11 November 1975 and 4 April 2002, in an act that marks forgiveness and reconciliation.

On May 27, 1977, an alleged coup attempt, in an operation apparently led by Nito Alves - then former Minister of the Interior from independence (11 November 1975) until October 1976 - was violently repressed by the regime of Agostinho Neto.

Six days earlier, on May 21, the MPLA had expelled Nito Alves from the party, which led the former minister and several supporters to invade the Luanda prison to free other supporters, taking over, at the same time, control of the national radio station, becoming known as "fractionalists".

The troops loyal to Agostinho Neto, with the support of Cuban military personnel, ended up establishing order and arresting the rebels, followed, afterwards, what became known as "purging", with the elimination of the factions, having killed about 30 thousand people, mostly without any connection to Nito Alves, as stated by Amnesty International in several reports on the subject.