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FAO intends to reinforce Angolan agro-entrepreneurship with technological means

The United Nations Food Organization (FAO) will deliver technological equipment to the National Institute of Support to Small and Medium Enterprises (INAPEM) aiming to "reinforce agro-entrepreneurship" in the country, it was announced this Monday.


FAO, in a note sent to Lusa, said that the equipment will be delivered on Tuesday, at the premises of Inapem, in Luanda, under the AgroProdesi project, developed by the United Nations agency and coordinated by the Ministry of Economy and Planning.

AgroProdesi, which emanates from Prodesi (Program of Support to Production, Export Diversification and Import Substitution), aims to "specifically support the training and qualification of human resources, to contribute in improving the business environment and stimulate the realization of agribusiness.

According to the statement, the computer equipment, composed of computers, printers, and 'modems', aims to "contribute to the technological strengthening" of Inapem's provincial delegations of Business Support.

With the delivery of this equipment, "it is intended to contribute to the strengthening of institutional capacity and the operation of support services to cooperatives and agribusiness in Inapem, in order to ensure permanent services of promotion and monitoring of cooperatives.

AgroProdesi, the document also states, aims to "foster an increase in the production and productivity of small farmers, as well as improve access to markets, by strengthening the strategic capacities of those involved in agri-food systems.