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ENDE simplifies access to energy for investors

The National Energy Distribution Company (ENDE) reduced the deadline for the establishment of medium voltage lines from 120 to 45 days, aimed at supplying electrical transformation stations required by investors.


The information was provided by the director of Regulatory Affairs at ENDE, Amor Belo Martins, who spoke in a webinar with the theme: "Access to Electricity: Impact of Simplification on Improving the Business Environment", promoted by the Ministry of Economy and Planning.

The official said, cited in a government statement to which VerAngola had access, that the procedures are more simplified with the creation of a Single Window, as an entry and exit point for all the processes of investors interested in having electrical transformation stations, to leverage your business.

Amor Belo Martins, also a member of the Tariff Board and PRODESI's technical team, said that the measures result from the need for active and positive participation by the electricity sector in improving the business environment in Angola.

The director also stressed that the speed of requisition procedures for the supply of electricity to companies is a factor of supreme importance, taking into account the need to mitigate the risks inherent to the investment made in areas lacking electricity.