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Wheat flour price influenced by REA

The downward trend in the prices of basic basket goods, with special emphasis on wheat flour, continues in the country, as a result of the start-up of the Strategic Food Reserve (REA).


According to Angop, in the last three weeks, the value of wheat flour – which changes according to the typology, location and quantity of bags – has been set at 11,000 kwanzas for 25-kilogram bags and 22,000 for packaging. of 50 kilograms.

For example, 50 kilograms of the Madruga brand dropped by 700 kwanzas compared to February: in one of the Cazenga warehouses, the cost of packaging went from 21,500 kwanzas to 20,800 kwanzas, writes Angop.

Also according to a survey by Angop, in one of the warehouses located near the former market of the Estalagem, the 50-kilogram package of the Gazela do Norte brand also dropped its price, from 21,800 kwanzas in February to 20,600 kwanzas today.

On the contrary, in the warehouses of the Km 30 market there is an increase in the cost of this product. Here, 50 kilograms of wheat from the Primeirá brand went from 20,500 kwanzas in March to 21,600 kwanzas today.

Filipe Kupungwa, assistant at one of the establishments in the Km 30 market, quoted by Angop, did not reveal the real reasons for the increase in the cost of wheat flour in that place, but he made it known that in recent times there has been a shortage of that product in the market. , making it impossible for customers to purchase large quantities of that good.

He also took the opportunity to explain that customers who purchase 100 or more packages enjoy a discount of 100 kwanzas for each package.

As an example, in another warehouse next to the Km 30 market, Primeirá flour is worth 21,100 kwanzas, while in February it cost 22,100 kwanzas.

Taking into account the variation in the value of wheat flour packaging in warehouses, the kilo of this good in open markets is currently worth about 350 kwanzas, as opposed to the 300 kwanzas applied in recent weeks.

The price variation is attested by the retailer Luzia António who told Angop that until the beginning of last month she purchased a package of wheat flour for 20,000 kwanzas and resold the kilo for 300 kwanzas. However, in recent times the value of 50 kilograms has increased to 22 thousand kwanzas.

The same was reiterated by Florinda Cristóvão, a seller of various products for almost 30 years in the Asa Branca market. Cited by Angop, the trader said that in the first two months of 2022 the bag of wheat flour was worth 20,000 kwanzas, having risen to 21,300 kwanzas.

Arieth Mendonça, administrator of the Kikolo-Moagem factory, made it known that a 50-kilogram package is being sold from the factory at 19,300 kwanzas, indicating that "there was no change in the price of wheat flour from the factory" .

The REA highlights that the value of 25 kilograms of wheat flour rose from 23,033 kwanzas to 11,400 kwanzas in relation to November last year, when the REA had not yet been created, writes Angop.


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