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Adalberto Costa Júnior reiterates strong commitment to leading a broad alternation front in 2022

The leader of the National Union for the Total Independence of Angola (UNITA), Adalberto Costa Júnior said this Thursday in Luanda that the largest opposition party is strongly committed to leading a broad democratic front to materialize the alternation of political power in 2022.

: Ampe Rogério/Ampe Rogério
Ampe Rogério/Ampe Rogério  

Adalberto Costa Júnior was opening the conference "Reflection on UNITA's Vision for Sustainable, Inclusive, Participatory and Regional Development", which served to close the festivities of the party's 55th anniversary.

According to UNITA's leader, the party is equally committed to "materialize the postponed dream of an inclusive and participatory Angola".

"With an Angolan Government that ends with the partisanship of the State institutions, with a Government that assumes the commitment of a wide revision of the Constitution, through a comprehensive dialogue, with leaderships that give back the sovereignty to the people, such as the right to elect the President of the Republic, a Government that assumes the commitment of the accomplishment of the local authorities", he said.

The politician stressed that UNITA decided to insert in the commemorations of its 55th anniversary the holding of this conference, all of which is dedicated to the challenges of the country's economic development, placed in the perspective of inclusive and participative, regional and sustainable development.

For Adalberto Costa Júnior, it is not possible to embrace development without fully guaranteeing individual and collective freedoms, without guaranteeing the democratic rule of law, without scrupulously committing to the respect for human rights.

According to UNITA's president, the economic growth, the development and the well-being of the populations, require leaderships strongly committed with liberties and democracy.

The conference was open to the participation of leaders, militants, friends and guests from various strata of Angolan society.