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Minister of State highlights challenges in achieving a state of emergency

The Minister of State and head of the Security House of the President of the Republic recalled that, unlike the past, when the “boom of bombs” put people in a natural emergency, the threat of the new coronavirus presents new challenges.


“We were used to another mechanism - [it is] a new experience - in which the boom of the bombs put us in a natural emergency, it was not necessary to mobilize absolutely anyone, there was no need for decrees, people knew they had to go to the shelter, and that's where they prayed, if they had time to pray, that's where they did everything out of respect for their own life, ”recalled Pedro Sebastião, referring to the time when Angola was at war for more than three decades.

The governor responded in the National Assembly to the concern raised by the parliamentary groups, before the approval of the draft resolution that authorized the extension of the state of emergency in Angola for another 15 days, within the scope of the measures to prevent and combat covid-19, which has already caused two deaths, in 25 positive cases.

Pedro Sebastião recalled the efforts made by the authorities to put the police and armed forces on the streets.

According to the coordinator of the intersectoral commission to combat covid-19, the executive is doing his part to safeguard human life.

“Some deputies put some shortcomings that you see here and there, I must remember that Rome and Pavia were not built on the same day. Today we are less unprepared than yesterday, or better, today we are better prepared to face what we have before us today ”, he stressed.

The minister indicated the Government's commitment to train human resources, bring material resources to the country, prepare hospitals, in order to be able to respond, “not only in time, but, above all, in shape, to the challenges facing the threat that constitutes the covid -19 ”.

According to the minister, the expatriate doctors who arrived in the country are not only intended to treat primary care, but also to provide training.

The Government, added Pedro Sebastião, has been working with the United Nations system, which recognizes “the meritorious work that is being done on the occasion of this less good period that the world is experiencing”.

“Ignoring this is, at the very least, trying to cover the sun with a sieve. Every day, we are adding something more to this effort, which is intended by everyone, in the sense that what we are watching in other places does not knock on the door ”, he expressed.

Regarding the concern with the functioning of the markets raised by the deputies, Pedro Sebastião recalled that there is a time of emergency and the Government has created mechanisms so that the citizen can go to get supplies.

“[The objective] is not to remain in the market, it is to go to get supplies and return home. Three days a week are enshrined, with a schedule that some MPs consider whether or not we should extend. We take note of this concern ”, he said.


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