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Parliament approved the transfer of powers to local authorities

This Wednesday, the National Assembly unanimously approved the proposal for a Law on the Transfer of Attributions and Competences from the State to Local Authorities, the fifth diploma in a municipal legislative package under discussion a year ago.


The legal diploma, which is part of the municipal legislative package, whose discussion began in April 2019, for the first municipal elections in Angola, scheduled for this year, was approved with 180 votes in favor.

With the approval of this law, the tasks and responsibilities to be transferred, in the first phase, to local authorities are defined, within the constitutionally provided framework.

On the other hand, the scope of action of the municipalities is delimited, in order to avoid overlapping with the tasks of the central State inserted in the same domain, also seeking to rationalize the available resources.

In the explanation of vote, deputy Tomás da Silva, from the parliamentary bench of the Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola (MPLA), said that his group's favorable vote was due to the fact that it enabled the realization of the MPLA electoral program and its leader, contemplated in the 2017 general elections.

In turn, Raul Danda, deputy of the National Union for the Total Independence of Angola (UNITA), considered that the approval of this law represents another step towards the institutionalization of local power in the country.

"UNITA fervently hopes and hopes that the autarchic process in Angola will definitely take off and that, neither in the present nor in the future, obstacles will be erected to slow it down, but that bridges be built that will shorten the way to the maximum. its realization ", he affirmed.

At the time of the political statements, the leader of the UNITA parliamentary bench, Liberty Chiaka, stressed that the holding of municipal elections in all municipalities, as defended by the largest Angolan opposition party, allows for autonomy, which in turn, "promotes freedom, initiative and creativity ".

Liberty Chiaka stressed that more than 60 percent of the conditions are created for the first municipal elections, and what is missing depends on the National Assembly and the Government.

The leader of the MPLA parliamentary bench, Américo Kuononoka, recalled that it is not enough to transfer competences, but "it is also important to know how to distinguish autarchic power from sovereign power, which is intangible and aims to guarantee order, security, justice and territorial integrity ".

"That is how, serenely, but with responsibility, we are heading towards the conclusion of the more complex municipal legislative process, where [norms] structuring norms of the municipal system were approved, surprising the pessimists, who predicted the impossibility of the consensus achieved so far and without controversy or controversy. excesses ", he said.

Within the legislative package, the Organic Law on Local Power, the Organic Law on the Organization and Functioning of Local Authorities, the Law on Administrative Protection, the Organic Law on Municipal Elections and the Law on the Transfer of Attributions and Competences from the State to Local Authorities have already been approved.

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