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The millionaire house: the “technical rook” that allowed access to maintenance and conservation services with 16.9 million from the OGE

Óscar Sousa


When we thought that no matter would arouse our attention, in the midst of the chaos caused by Covid-19, we faced the question of the "millionaire house". Yes, the one that receives 16.9 million Kz from OGE monthly, to have the minimum conditions to receive one of the (r) lo.


No theory explains the need for excessive spending on maintenance and upkeep services for a residence that, by the way, the lessee is also the lessor! For a change, we have to endure, on the part of the National Assembly of Angola, the justification that justifies nothing, alleging "technical rook".

I wish that when they published the national minimum wage in the Diário da República, an enlightened person would commit the wonderful "technical rook", setting it at 200,000.00 Kz!

I wish that this "technical rook" was defended, especially, by a group of deputies who, exhaustively fight for their own interests!

I wish that at least once in my life, the Angolan government would use 16.9 million Kz to subsidize the activity of micro, small and medium entrepreneurs, without the need to present any cards provided by the CAPs!

The issue of 16.9 million Kz raises many questions, among them, some directly linked to the economy.

How can we talk about development in a country where income distribution is a utopia, while parliamentarians enjoy stratospheric benefits? Where do entrepreneurs live in the "cafrique" and the economic team does not present solutions even for basic questions?

How to talk about the interest rate and the appreciation of the Kwanza, if the BNA is unable to define efficient monetary policies?

With 16.9 million Kz per month, Angolans can see some problems minimized by tackling the following issues:

a) Resolution of the Civil Registry problems of millions of Angolans;

b) Creation of a National Registry, which can serve as a basis for the implementation and management of effective income distribution programs.

According to the 2014 population sense, almost half of the total Angolan population (47%) did not have a civil registry. It is not understood how millions of Angolans were never nationals in their own land. With the 16.9 million Kz, the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights could acquire the necessary materials and, thus, gather all the conditions for the issue of identification documents for millions of Angolans.

With 16.9 million Kz, the government could open a bid for the acquisition of an Electronic System, with the purpose of creating a National Register, which can serve as a basis for the implementation and management of effective income distribution programs.
Perhaps, if we already had this National Registry, the meager 8,500.00 Kz that it was considered to distribute to the most needy (it is understood, more than 80% of Angolans), would be facilitated.

There are many destinations that we could give to 16.9 million Kz. If injected directly into our economy, via Income Distribution Programs, 16.9 million Kz makes a tremendous difference.

Ironically, if the management of 16.9 million Kz is at risk, why not assign that responsibility to the Governor of Luanda? I believe that, similar to the budget for the rehabilitation of the Angola and Cuba school, it will be able to provide us with "change" of at least 6 million Kz.

Opinion of
Óscar Sousa

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