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Government wants to reduce the need for internal and external financing

The Minister of Finance said this Friday that the Government has shown all interest in progressively reducing the need to resort to domestic and foreign financing and to live off what it collects from a fiscal point of view.


The position was expressed by Vera Daves in the discussion and the approval in general, in the National Assembly, of a legislative package of fiscal reforms, for the amendment of the Code of Income Tax of Work (IRT), of the Code of Industrial Tax and of the Code General Tax.

Vera Daves stressed that with the objective of resorting less and less to internal and external financing, the authorities have "continuously defended the importance of widening the tax base".

"It is the only path to be pursued, only by extending the tax base can we effectively achieve, with tax revenue, what is necessary, enough, to meet current and capital expenditures that we have to face, without having to increase indebtedness ", he said.

According to the minister, the Government has tried to "balance the capacity to flex and reduce the tax burden, to boost economic activity".

"But also to ensure that we are able to capture or capture all citizens who carry out some type of activity or have some type of income (...) so that we can live within our means," he said.

These measures, said the minister, must "undoubtedly contribute to quality public expenditure".

"We want everything we collect to be converted into quality public expenditure, quality education, quality health, and when it comes to quality education and health, we are talking not only about physical infrastructure, but also about quality the support materials, the quantity and quality of the professionals and all this costs money and it is important to be able to collect taxes for this ", he stressed.


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