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Police call on pastors to help respect the state of emergency

Police call on pastors to help respect the state of emergency Authorities announced this Sunday the arrest of 13 pastors and called on religious leaders to help comply with the rules of the state of emergency and to sensitize people to "stay at home".


"The acts of disobedience have exceeded expectations," lamented Interior Ministry spokesman (MININT) Valdemar José, in a review of the operational situation of the state of emergency declared to contain the spread of covid-19.

In Benguela eight pastors of the Seventh-day Adventist Church were arrested who welcomed more than 250 people during a religious service, contrary to the ban on gatherings.

In Lunda Norte, four other pastors of this church were arrested "for insisting on holding a service," while in Kwanza Sul, a deacon "took the danger home," gathering more than ten faithful in a celebration.

"We launch an appeal to religious leaders to help us raise awareness to stay at home, to help us pass on this message", asked the head of MININT.

"Faith does not cease to exist in our homes, tithes can be paid at the multicaixa [ATM]," he stressed, stating that the defense and security forces will adopt "increasingly rigorous measures" in the coming days.

Valdemar José was also concerned about xenophobic messages that circulate on social networks, instigating violence towards certain citizens, especially Asians.

He warned that "people who engage in this practice will be held criminally responsible", stressing that "foreigners who are here should be treated like Angolans".

81 citizens were arrested, 68 for disobedience and six for resistance, four for illegal motorcycle taxiing, two for attempted bribery and one for bodily harm.

The MININT official also reported that more than 75 citizens had been dispersed in Huambo for a football match, which is also prohibited.