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Cuca, Unitel and Tio Lucas are the most relevant national brands for Angolans

The brands Cuca, Unitel and Tio Lucas make up the top 3 of the national brands most referenced by national consumers. The conclusions are from a consumer study, presented this Wednesday by Superbrands Angola, which also reveal that, in general terms, fashion brands are the most referenced, with emphasis on Nike, Adidas and Gucci.


"When the analysis moves to the dimension of exclusively national brands, beverage brands are those that have the most relevance, with emphasis on Cuca, Pura, Eka, Nocal and Top", highlights a statement sent to VerAngola.

Furthermore, brands linked to the areas of food and technology are also among the areas with the highest reference, with emphasis on the brands Unitel, Tio Lucas, Alimo, ZAP, among others.

According to the statement, in the top 20 references, brands linked to the fashion, beverage and technology sectors "appear as the most mentioned spontaneously by the population, with 72 percent of references, while in terms of mention of national brands, beverages, food and technology appear prominently in the population's references, representing 85 percent".

Overall, the top 3 are now made up of Nike, Adidas and Gucci. "In generic and spontaneous referencing, Nike, Adidas and Gucci emerge as the brands most referenced by the population. Still in the top 20, it is possible to find several other brands with a relevant and effective presence in the local market, such as Tio Lucas, Coca-Cola, Louis Vuitton or Cuca", reads the statement.

If you compare the conclusions from 2023 with those from 2021, it is possible to see growth in brands in the food, beverage and automobile sectors, while on the other hand, technology, fashion and hygiene product brands contracted. "Comparing data from 2021 with data recorded at the end of 2023, the sectors that recorded the greatest growth in the top 20 were food, beverages and automobiles, while the technology, fashion and hygiene products sectors showed a reduction in their presence", pointed out Paulo Santos, general director of Keyresearch.

Another aspect of the analysis involves evaluating the age group and social stratum. Thus, regarding age, Cuca and Tio Lucas are in the top 3 of all age groups, while Unitel is in the top 3 of six age groups, and Pura is in the top 3 of the 25 to 29 age group.

"In the economic analysis, it appears that many brands are transversal to the different economic strata, with no significant variations being observed: Cuca and Unitel are in the top 3 of the five social strata; Tio Lucas, Pura and Alimo are in the top 10 of the five strata; in four of the five social strata are ZAP and BAI (with the exception of the lower stratum E), and Nocal and Eka (with the exception of the upper stratum A/B)", the note further adds.

Pedro Diogo Vaz, Country Manager at Superbrands Angola, explained that "within the scope of this study, carried out in a reputable and independent manner, brands are spontaneously referenced by consumers in five dimensions: notoriety, identification, needs, uniqueness and trust".

The study, which is promoted by Keyresearch, was carried out at the end of 2023, in 18 sampling points in greater Luanda and in four other provinces of the country, with weighting being done based on socio-demographic analysis: by age, region and social stratum", he added.

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