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Companhia Siderúrgica do Cuchi overcame all obstacles to produce 250 tons of iron per day

All obstacles have already been overcome by Companhia Siderúrgica do Cuchi, in order to shape the perspective of producing 250 tons of pig iron per day as well as 500 thousand per year, with the creation of about 3000 jobs out of the 5000 in sight.


The information was revealed by Wilton Reis, general manager for the company's production area, who, quoted by Rádio Nacional de Angola (RNA), said that they already had the possibility to announce that the works were finished and that, perhaps, on the 10th start up the factory.

"We have the possibility of announcing that the works are completed, probably on the 10th we are starting up the plant", said the official, in statements to RNA.

According to Wilton Reis, all the equipment has already been installed and tested, and by mid-April they will already have the product ready for sale: "All the machinery is already installed, tested. Around the 15th, the 18th, we already have the product finished for sale", he said, quoted by RNA.

He reiterated that the unit "has a production capacity of 250 tons/day".

In turn, the operational manager of carbonization, Rogério da Costa Pinto, said that "without coal the steelworks would not run", adding that they have 960 furnaces in operation, with "each furnace taking 11 cubic meters of firewood, producing 5.5 of coal".

In terms of environmental sustainability, this is guaranteed with a reforestation process. "From the environmental point of view, eucalyptus produces up to seven times more than native forest. When planting eucalyptus, the amount of felling we will do is infinitely less. We plant two varieties of eucalyptus to see which one will be more adaptable", said Renato Araújo, responsible for the CSC process, cited by RNA.


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