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UNITA encourages militants to participate in protest against poor living conditions

The UNITA leadership encouraged its militants, as citizens, to participate in a protest organized by activists that calls on Angolans to stay at home on the 31st of this month.


In a press release, the executive secretariat of the Standing Committee of the Political Commission of the National Union for the Total Independence of Angola (UNITA) expressed solidarity with the activists' cause, which aims to protest against the social difficulties that Angolans have faced in recent years. years.

The largest opposition party said that it "became aware, via social networks, of information according to which a group of activists is mobilizing youth and society in general for a peaceful protest called - "On the 31st of March, stay in home", as a way of calling the Government's attention to the degrading socio-economic situation in which the country has plunged and pressuring it to improve its public policies".

According to UNITA, high levels of unemployment, poverty, high cost of living, institutionalized corruption and constant violations of human rights exacerbate youth dissatisfaction and despair with the current government.

"The executive secretariat of the Standing Committee of the Political Commission of UNITA notes, with great concern, that the Government has deviated from the main mission of the State, which is to guarantee fundamental human rights and achieve the prosperity and dignity of citizens", referred to in the document.

"Therefore, it considers the motivations for this demonstration to be legitimate and constitutionally acceptable. Thus, UNITA militants, as citizens, are free to join the said demonstration", it adds.

In the note, UNITA "strongly condemns the campaign to intoxicate national and international public opinion, carried out by state bodies, which aims to distort initiatives for the free exercise of citizenship, enshrined in the Constitution of the Republic of Angola".

"UNITA will continue to fight for a better Angola for all, in the homeland of its birth and reaffirms its commitment to the defense of democracy, peace and national reconciliation", underlines the party, also highlighting that they are "for an independent Angola, democratic and developed and calls on the competent organs of the State to respect and safeguard the rights and freedoms of citizens".

The party appealed to the Government "to pay greater attention to the causes of widespread dissatisfaction and protest".

A movement started by activists is calling on Angolans, through social networks, to stay at home on March 31, as a form of protest against unemployment and poor living conditions.

The appeal was launched by the activist Gangsta and has been mobilizing several personalities who guarantee, through their pages on social networks, that they will join the protest.

Among these are musicians like Paulo Flores, the businesswoman, former MPLA deputy and daughter of former president Tchizé dos Santos, activists like Laurinda Gouveia and Dito Dali, who was part of the "15+2", convicted of preparatory acts of rebellion , or UNITA militants like Ginga Savimbi, daughter of the founder of the largest opposition party, Jonas Savimbi, or deputy Adriano Sapinala, from the same party.

"Join the movement, stay at home on the 31st", says the well-known artist Paulo Flores, asking: "Nobody leaves the house, nobody leaves the kubico".


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